publications in reversed chronological order


  1. GrooveTransformer: A Generative Drum Sequencer Eurorack Module
    Nicholas Evans, Behzad Haki, and Sergi Jorda
    Sep 2024


  1. TapTamDrum: A Dataset for Dualized Drum Patterns
    Behzad Haki, Błażej Kotowski, Cheuk Lee, and 1 more author
    Nov 2023
  2. NeuralMidiFx: A Wrapper Template for Deploying Neural Networks as VST3 Plugins
    Behzad Haki, Julian Lenz, and Sergi Jorda
    Sep 2023
  3. Completing Audio Drum Loops with Symbolic Drum Suggestions
    Behzad Haki, Teresa Pelinski, Marina Nieto, and 1 more author
    Apr 2023


  1. Real-Time Drum Accompaniment Using Transformer Architecture
    Behzad Haki, Marina Nieto, Teresa Pelinski, and 1 more author
    Sep 2022


  1. Transformer Neural Networks for Automated Rhythm Generation
    Thomas Nuttall, Behzad Haki, and Sergi Jorda
    Jun 2021


  1. A Bassline Generation System Based on Sequence-to-Sequence Learning
    Behzad Haki, and Sergi Jorda
    Jun 2019