Groove2Drum Plugin

A plugin for generating midi drum accompaniments in real-time


This plugin is the first drum accompaniment system that I released in a VST3 plugin format. The idea of this plugin is to generate real-time midi drum accompaniments based on an input groove extracted from a live midi performance.

This work was presented at the AIMC 2022 conference.

Behzad Haki, Marina Nieto, Teresa Pelinski, and Sergi Jord`a. Real-Time Drum Accompaniment Using Transformer Architecture.
In Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on on AI and Musical Creativity. AIMC, September 2022.

To read the full paper, please visit the conference page.

Code and Documentation

The source code and documentation for this project are available on GitHub.

I will release packaged versions of the plugin soon. Stay tuned! However, if you have experience with compiling plugins from source, you can compile the plugin from the source code available on GitHub.