A Wrapper Template for Deploying Neural Networks as VST3 Plugins


I developed NeuralMidiFx wrapper to simplify the deployment of neural networks as VST3 plugins. The wrapper is based on the JUCE framework and is designed to be used with the PyTorch C++ API.

For a detailed description of the project, please visit the project page.

This project was presented at the AIMC 2023 conference. Below are the links to the content presented at the conference.

NOTE: The following content corresponds to the first release of the NeuralMidiFx wrapper. The wrapper has been updated since the conference. For the latest release, please visit the project page.

AIMC 2023 Content

  • Presentation slides can be downloaded here
  • Poster can be downloaded here
  • Paper is available here

Documentation and Source Code

  • Full Documentation here
  • Source Code here


A number of tutorials are available here